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BullGuard Internet Security Centre

Here we explain what’s behind the technical terms and how the different internet security solutions protect your computer

Internet Security

All you need to know about the threats and how to stay safe online.

Browse these pages for anything you need to know about internet security. We’ve compiled information about the various trends, threats and types of software solutions you need to stay safe online in 2009. Learn all you need to know about antispyware, antivirus for computers and mobile devices, firewalls, spamfilters, online backup and much more.
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Threat categories

Viruses - Antivirus software
Antivirus software is computer protection software used for identification and removal of computer viruses, as well as many other types of so-called ‘malware’.
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Spyware - Antispyware software
Spyware can invade your privacy by recording, passing on and abusing your personal details – including credit card details. Antispyware protects you and your computer from having your privacy invaded.
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Spam - spamfilter software
We have to accept the pervasive nature of spam – it is a fact of life, much like pollution. Find out what you can do yourself, and how BullGuard might help you.
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Cybercrime - ID theft, phishing, rootkit complete Internet security software
Want to know what the cybercriminals - the ‘hackers’ - are getting up to? Check out our security articles – with all you need to know about phishing, identity theft, Nigerian scams, rootkits, worms, keylogging, DoS attacks, Trojans and so much more.
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Mobile viruses - Mobile anti virus software
Mobile viruses
Mobile antivirus software is detection and protection tools used to identify and remove viruses on mobile devices. It can protect mobile devices against a wide range of malware, including worms, viruses, and Trojans.
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Security advice and tools

Online backup
Online backup is the ultimate solution to keeping your electronic valuables safe, because it allows you to access and retrieve everything, regardless of what might happen to your computer.
Read more about Online Backup

Spyware and virus removal
If you suspect that your computer has been infected by adware, spyware, viruses or a Trojan you should run an antivirus / spyware scan and removal programme.
Read more about Virus and Spyware Removal

Firewall protection
A good firewall provides protection from prying eyes. It stops thieves and intruders from accessing your computer, laptop, workstation or server, and a good firewall can protect your computer from malicious ‘worms’.
Read more about firewall protection

Internet Security Articles

Get clever on threats and security

Curious to know a bit more about what online crime entails? Perhaps even learn what all the words you keep hearing actually mean? We have collected a bunch of articles explaining what it’s all about. So next time you’re at a dinner party, you won’t have to resort to nodding knowingly – you can actually make insightful comments about the nature of the beast!
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