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  • Credit card frauds and identity theft
  • WannaCry and all ransomware
  • Viruses that can wipe out your summer pics
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  • The Blue Whale Challenge

    It sounds like something from a dystopian cyber nightmare; morbid online games or death cults that propel children and young teens towards self-harm and in some cases suicide.
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  • Fraudsters don’t take summer vacations

    It’s fair to say that online fraudsters are a devious bunch. They use the anonymity and reach of the internet to develop cunning scams and defraud lots of people in a single sweep. Their frauds are also designed to exploit certain periods such as Christmas and Easter and of course summer holidays. Read on to learn how to identify summery holiday fraud.
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  • Malware Blizzard

    The last four weeks or have been quite a headline time for malware. WannaCry had news editors in the UK, and the world over, scrambling to nail down experts for comment largely because it took down a lot of NHS organisations and major companies around the globe.
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