• How to stop spam emails

    A recent study of 45 million emails found that almost 11 million had something wrong with them. Only 34 million were deemed safe. In total, 24.2% were bad, likely bad or in other words spam or phishing mails of some description. That’s a lot of ‘bad’ emails. The company, Mimecast, performed a risk assessment of emails going to 62,323 email users over 428 days.
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  • Security News: Be sure to apply your Microsoft OS updates

    Apart from some quite scary IoT vulnerabilities including prison cell doors and an oil pipeline, there are some things to look out for such as Android banking malware that has just been updated, a WhatsApp subscription scam and ransomware that also steals passwords. And don’t forget to apply your Microsoft OS updates, almost 50 have been released in the past four weeks.
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