7 Safe Tips for School

School_smaller sizeSo it’s almost Back to School time, and with all the chaos of preparing for the first day, it’s easy to lose focus on the everyday items like phones and tablets. But, here at BullGuard we’re urging you to take a minute to ensure your children stay safe at school with their devices.



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Undergraduate Students And Identity Theft

Id_theftIt’s easy to think that identity theft could never happen to you, but no matter which way you spin it, you are at risk. And if you’re an undergrad student, you’re at a higher risk than others.

What makes you a bigger target? Your clean credit score! And not only that, but let’s face it, you’re probably a little less responsible with who you share your information with and how you store it, making it easier for identity thieves to get their hands on what they need. It’s serious stuff. It can take a long time to get back the funds that they take from you, not to mention rebuilding your credit score.

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Alert! Citadel Trojan Partners With Reveton Ransomware

Citadel-RevetonA few months back we were warning web users about the rise of a new type of internet threat: Open-source malware – the Citadel Case. We explained how the Citadel Trojan can rapidly be customized and how this new development in the malware-producing industry can affect you. Now, we’re back with further, even worse, news on the matter: powerful Citadel-based attacks have been ravaging US users’ computers… and their pockets.

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Back To School!

Blog-post_back-to-schoolWith just a few days left before the new school year starts, we’ve put together a list of fun apps to keep friends and family connected, as well as tools to help you stay at the top of the class. Some are obvious and some are a little newer and cooler.

 BUT, before you download anything, make sure you have BullGuard Internet Security 12 on your computer, and BullGuard Mobile Security 10 on your phone. And of course, only download apps and programs from reputable sites that you know. So here you are:

Celebrities and Malware: A Dangerous Combination

Kristen_Stew_re-sizedWe’ve all heard that Kristen Stewart had an affair with that Director a few weeks ago, and I’m sure at least some of you did further research on the story, online. Unfortunately, in doing so, you may have exposed yourself to malware. And it’s not just Kristen Stewart. Malicious users create malware designed to attract public interest focus on popular, topical search terms.

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Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Winston-cabbieBack from the Olympics…

Well, well, well. Despite all the fabulous rumors about who would appear on Sunday, at the Olympics Closing Ceremony, it still turned out to be quite the show.

With appearances from the likes of Monty Python, the Who, a hologram of Freddie Mercury, the Pet Shop Boys, the Spice Girls and Oasis, AND a human cannonball! – it was a great display of British talent.  Was it better than the Opening Ceremony, I think not, but really, what could be?

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