Yet Another Privacy Abuse. WoW Players Beware!

WoW_smallOnline privacy concerns have generated a lot of buzz in the media lately. Tracking cookies, privacy abuses on Facebook and Pinterest, location-based services that give away more than web users would like to share with their peers – all have made headlines and raised the issue of stricter online privacy regulation.


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To Post Or Not To Post?

To-post-not-to-post-smallWhat is okay to post on Facebook these days? There’s everything from ultra sound pictures to death announcements to bikini pictures. Is there a line? Should there be one? Consider for a minute who is on your friend list… old bosses, people you might want to work with or for in the future, your grandmother, your little cousin and what about the guy you went to high school with who is now a cop?

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Best Practices For Safe Searching

Best_practices_for_safe_searchingHow many times a day do you go on to Google or Yahoo!? One of them might even be set as your home page, simply because you constantly rely on the site to search for everything from finding a local handyman to restaurant reviews to sports news. Both are reputable sites, so why would you need to be concerned with your internet security?

It’s so important to be educated on the risks that are out there and how to use these sites to help protect yourself and your family.

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Ncase U Wtd 2No

Teenagers_textingPerhaps you’ve noticed, your children are glued to their phones.  And unlike in the ‘80s and ‘90s, they’re not actually using them to talk. Nope, they’re texting. How many times have you wondered what they could possibly still be texting about? Did you know there’s even Texting Competitions? Contestants compete on texting accuracy, dexterity and speed. Kids will compete for anything!

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What Is Facebook Doing Now?

Facebook_privacyHow many of you have seen this on your friend’s walls, or even posted yourself?


With the recent changes in FB, the public can now see activities in any wall. This happens when our friend hits “like” or “comment,” automatically, their friends would see our posts too.

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5 Tips To Prevent Social Apps From Invading Your Facebook Privacy

Facebook PrivacyWhat’s your favourite Facebook app? Have you ever signed up for an app using your Facebook account?

 When you think about Facebook, you think of social networking – staying in touch with your friends and people around the world. But Facebook has become so much more than just an online platform where you can meet up with other people.

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How To Spot ‘Mystery Shopper’ Scams

Mystery_shopperWe’ve all seen those “Secret Shopper” ads over the web. You know, the ones that go on and on about the easy work, short hours and mountains of money just waiting for YOU! Maybe some of you have received e-mails promoting such jobs. The truth is that while some of these are fake, some of them are in fact real. So how do you identify the genuine versus the criminal?

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