How To Protect Your Mobile Privacy

Mobile privacy_blog72% of mobile users have concerns about their mobile phone privacy. Are you one of them?

 Concerns around mobile phone privacy have risen in the last year. It’s no surprise that the areas of mobile usage that cause the most concerns are shopping, social media, online banking, emailing and not far behind those, mobile apps. Well my goodness – that just about covers everything that you can possibly do on a mobile! So basically, you’re worried about something every time you pick up your phone; now that really can’t be a healthy way to live.

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How Concerned Are You About Your Online Privacy?

Online privacy- part 1_blogRecently, Microsoft released a study which details how we, the public, deal with the intersection of privacy and online life. Participants in the study were HR managers, 2,500 consumers and recruitment professionals in the UK, the US, Germany and France. The results showed that there is still a massive disconnect between people’s fears around privacy and their behavior online, and that education is needed to increase awareness of online privacy security and privacy online.

Winston’s Thoughts On The Oscars

Oscars-blog‘Ello, ‘Ello,

 I don’t know about you chaps, but I cannot wait for the Oscars! There’s quite a lot of solid contenders this year, and I should know – I make sure I watch all of the nominated movies, so that I can give the judges an earful, should their decisions not be in line with mine.

Here are some of my picks for the major categories – what do you think?

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Hackers target Facebook, Twitter and Apple

Hackers hit apple, facebook, twitter_blogOne of the latest massive hack attacks has hit not one, but three major companies in recent weeks. The attack is believed to have come from an Eastern European hacker gang, and was apparently launched to target software vulnerabilities with the goal of stealing company secrets and users’ personal information which could be sold on the black market. The software vulnerabilities were in fact due to a well-known security hole in Oracle’s Java software.

Tips To Avoid Malicious Ads

Malicious ads_blogIf you read this blog on a regular basis, you know that cybercriminals always find a way to get into anything and everything to cause a security threat. And internet advertising is something they’re really into. This is a tricky one, because we’re all so used to seeing ads online, popping up out of nowhere, telling us about things we didn’t know we needed.

The Next Big Hack Attack May Target Medical Data

Medical Data_Hack attack_blogCan you remember what the internet was like in 2005? And what about those massive phones and laptops we used to lug around with us? It is truly amazing how far technology has come in the last 8 years, which is why here at BullGuard we are so concerned about the safety of electronic health records. Take the U.S. Government for example, the last time they issued guidelines for electronic health records was in 2005, back when phones were huge and Facebook was only a year old. Medical data protection is way behind the times.

Not So Private Skype

Skype-not-private-blogThis is one major internet security issue that you need to know about. At the end of January, forty-five different organizations asked Skype to come clean about the real deal with Skype privacy. Is it private or not? Is it possible that governments and organizations could be monitoring your Skype conversations?

Our Funny Valentine

Happy_Valentine'sSir Winston here! As we’re all still getting to know one another, you probably aren’t aware that I am a BIG romantic at heart. After all, what’s not to love about love?

Valentine’s Day wasn’t actually associated with the idea of love until the 1200’s, but by the 1400’s it was common practice to express your undying love for your sweetheart on February the 14th by giving flowers, chocolates and handmade cards.

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