Surface pro_blogThe new Surface Pro was released at the beginning of February, and we’re all wondering if it’s any better than the Surface RT, which launched at the end of October to mixed reviews.

 It’s clear that the Surface Pro is heavier, faster and more expensive than its counterpart, proving that it’s very much an ultrabook and not a tablet. But it still has some holes.

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The Surface Pro was designed to showcase Windows 8, and that is exactly what it does, at lightning fast speeds. Its larger size, with the same un-adjustable kickstand, means it’s not really a lap device despite its portability. But it does look good draped in its dark titanium finish – smart design decision of Microsoft. The additional USB port on the power brick and the Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics processor means it’s more than capable of multitasking.

Upon closer inspection, one of the biggest features that differentiate the Surface Pro from its predecessor is the pen support. The Surface Pro truly has impressive pressure-sensitive pen functionality, including very decent palm-rejection (no unwanted lines should your palm graze the screen). Unfortunately, however, there is no permanent home for your Stylus leaving you at the risk of misplacing it. The ports have been updated as well, for example the USB port has been upgraded from 2.0 to 3.0 and they’ve relocated the MicroSD card slot to a much more user friendly location, on the right hand side.

To sum it up, here are some of the things we like about the new Surface Pro:

  • Streamlined design and full HD screen
  • Supports pressure-sensitive pen input
  • Great performance

And here are some of the things we don’t like:

  • Horrible battery life
  • No desktop or keyboard dock
  • No mobile broadband option

As far as the future of PC/Tablet hybrids go, Microsoft is definitely leading the way.

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