Social media vacationPerhaps you’ve heard your friends talking about it and wondered exactly what it entails? We’ve moved on from the Staycation, as 50% of adult internet users now seek a social media vacation. It’s no surprise really that adults are seeking a complete ‘vacation’ from their social networks.


Facebook statistics

Total number of Facebook users: 1.15 billion

Average number of friends: 141

Average time spent per Facebook visit: 20 minutes

Average time spent on Facebook total per day: 20 billion minutes

Daily active Facebook users: 699 million

Average time spent on Facebook per month, per user: 8.3 hours

Percentage of Facebook users that log in at least once a day: 76%

When you take a look at those stats, which are for Facebook only…it’s no surprise that users are frustrated with irrelevant updates, and a network that is becoming too time consuming.

The consequences of a Social Media Vacation

There are of course complications with taking a social media vacation…you could risk alienating your social network, or worse, friends and colleagues might think something terrible had happened to you. Would it be appropriate to notify your social network you’re taking a break? Etiquette around how to take a social media vacation is still a work in progress. Stay tuned for updates!

Do you need a social media vacation?

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