Big March BeatbullyingBullGuard is extremely proud to announce a partnership with the anti-bullying charity, BeatBullying. Both real-world and cyber-bullying are real threats that need to be stopped. BeatBullying works hard internationally to do just that, believing that no one should have to endure the pain, fear or isolation of being bullied.

Absolutely everyone has the right to be safe from bullying, violence and harassment and BullGuard is honored to partner with BeatBullying to help raise awareness.


So how does BeatBullying go about prevention? Education is a big part of what they do, training young people, aged 5 to 25, to become BB Mentors. Children listen to children better than they listen to adults, so they’re striking at the heart of the community by offering the training and tools to tackle and prevent bullying in schools, colleges and communities. They also provide expert advice online, as well as counseling and therapeutic support.

Want to get involved? It’s easy. On June 11th, BeatBullying is hosting the biggest virtual demonstration against bullying… ever. March across global websites to help put an end to bullying!

What are they fighting for?:

  1. New laws to protect the right of European children to live without fear of bullying and cyberbullying
  2. 77m to fund services that prevent and protect European children from bullying and cyberbullying
  3. A dedicated European Day Against Bullying

Registration is now open. Sign up now to get your avatar, and most importantly to sign the petition which will be delivered to the European Commission on June 11th.

BullGuard has always been aware of the issues that can affect both children and their parents when using the internet, and as a result has placed a strong focus on parental controls in it’s products, such as Internet Security, Mobile Security and Social Media software. Most recently, the launch of Identity Protection allows parents to monitor their children’s social media activity, alerting them of possible threats such as malicious websites or cyber bullying.

Help this important cause and be sure to register. There’s cool wallpapers, images to post on your social media channels and avatars!


Written by Kirsten Dunlaevy (200 Posts)

Kirsten Dunlaevy is a blogger for BullGuard. With a background in advertising and branding she is extremely familiar with the ups and downs of social media and the world of communication. Kirsten is here to educate you on how to navigate all things digital, in a safe and responsible manner. Her other passions are decidedly un-digital, she loves being out on the water and cooking.

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