Is my SIM card at risk? Do I need SIM Card protection?

SIM data protection 
Destroying a myth: the unbreakable SIM card
Your personal information, banking and credit card info can all be at risk. If the phrase”SIM card protection” doesn’t ring a bell, then we strongly advise you to keep reading to learn more.

Before we get into explaining how a SIM (subscriber identity module) card can be exploited and why we need to secure it, we must first see what exactly the SIM card is. 

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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) under attack

SSL data securityThe need to secure the transmission of data between computers or between a computer and a server appeared since the first connection was made and has become ever more important as we began to send more and more data over the internet. Thus, the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and later on Transport Layer Security (TLS), which are cryptographic protocols, were created. These provide security for the data that is sent over the Internet.

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How Old Online Scams Still Make Victims

Latest scams blog“Con games,” “Scam,” “Stratagem (deception),” and “Confidence trick” are all terms used to express the attempt to defraud a person after first gaining their confidence. Fraud, in all its forms, has been a very difficult issue to deal with for all countries over the years. And since the internet has become a sort of a big, free and easy to access social network in itself, cybercrooks can easily leverage its perks in order to distribute malicious software and all kinds of scams.

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Have You Heard Of Longline Phishing?

Longlining phishing_blogA recent study showed that out of one billion email messages analyzed in a six-month period, dozens had been subject to “longline” phishing attacks. These attacks were so efficient that over 10% of the recipients were tricked into clicking on malicious content capable of taking complete control of PCs and compromising corporate networks.

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How Fake Adobe Flash Updates Put Your Security At Risk

Fake adobe flash player update_blogSecurity researchers have recently discovered a new Android Trojan that can harvest a victim’s contact list, send and intercept SMS (text) messages, make phone calls (including calls to premium numbers), and install additional malware packages – all at the same time.


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The Hidden Perils Of The Internet

Internet_hidden_perils_blogMost of you know the online world isn’t exactly the safest place to go to – with all that cyber fauna out there: viruses, computer worms, Trojan horses etc. But you probably don’t know how eaxctly you can get infected. So we’ve made up a list of the most common ways – read it carefully and watch out:


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