How secure is the new Apple Watch?

apple_watchThe release of new Apple product is always greeted with near hysteria and the Apple Watch is no different. The ability to buy goods by waving your wrist at a terminal is one of the features proudly touted by Apple, as is the technically tough security of its Apple Pay system. And certainly these are achievements to be acknowledged. But just how secure is it and how long will it be before some hacks it?

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BullGuard launches a new feature – Boot Manager – to speed up computer

boot managerFed up with a computer that takes an age and a day to fire up? A new BullGuard feature, Boot Manager, helps you change all that by nailing down the applications and processes that eat up processing power when your computer starts up. This means you can disable the hungry ones and get off to a fast start.

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Botnet network taken down, destructive critical infrastructure attacks up

safety internet hackerThere’s always something going on in the cyber world but the past week has been particularly noteworthy, ranging from businesses fighting back with a useful scam tracker to worrying findings suggesting that destructive attacks on critical infrastructure organisations are actually far more frequent than you would think.

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Online pranks and viruses on April Fools’ Day

april fools dayApril Fools’ Day is a time of mirth. Funny stories do the rounds in the press such as chickens laying square eggs complete with pictures and the Queen setting up a fracking rig in the grounds of Buckingham Place. But a word to the wise, as a ‘calendar day’ April Fools’ Day is also used by online tricksters. Discover some of the funny, or not so funny viruses, that have tricked people in the past and arm yourself with some simple information to keep you safe.

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Have you seen what you look like online?

data privacy day

Everything we post online is forever present in cyberspace. Emails, updates, messages – even those old photos and videos that make us cringe are stored somewhere in the World Wide Web and can be found if you know where to look. There’s no such thing as a delete button online and given that social networks are often the first port of call for potential employers (or admirers!) it pays to clean up our profiles. BullGuard offers some simple tips on how to come across well online and avoid leaving behind a trail of digital mischief. We also reveal the results of a survey which show just how savvy people are when it comes to looking after their online profile – you might be surprised.

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Security predictions for 2015

Security predictions 2015As law enforcement ramps up its endeavours against cyber criminals and new mobile payment systems gather steam we can expect to see hackers turn their attentions to developing malware that covers their tracks as well begin probing systems such as Apple Pay and smartphone based payment methods.

We can also expect more of the same in terms of high profile targeted attacks, while low level state-sponsored attacks will become the norm rather than the exception.

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Disaster averted: AliExpress website vulnerability

Alibaba site vulnerabilityDespite the security measures organisations put in place, there are often glaring holes. Just recently, one of these could have exposed the personal data of millions of people – if it wasn’t for a sharp application security researcher.

A recently discovered vulnerability on the  AliExpress website potentially exposed the personal information of millions of people.

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Out of control kids?

internet and kidsThe digital generation gap can leave parents floundering as they try to keep up with their children’s digital expertise. Many, understandably, are worried that the kids can be exposed to all sorts of online nasties and don’t know what to do about it. A BullGuard survey illustrates this with the vast majority of parents feeling like their children are growing up far too quickly. But a few simple steps can help educate the children while also ensuring parents can still keep a protective but discreet arm around them.

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By the experts… for the people

BullGuard Internet SecurityBullGuard Internet Security has been updated with compelling features making it the most important product update of the year. Alongside improvement to its core protection features new tools have been added, at the request of customers. These tools are designed to improve internet browsing and put an end to irritating applications hijacking your browser while also ensuring that your computer runs at tip top performance levels, irrespective of its specifications. And there’s more. Users will receive these new updates automatically and continue to benefit from further updates as soon as they are ready.

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