Mobile phone radiation

SARA few years back there was an almost global panic about radiation from mobile phones that can potentially fry brains and cause cancer. A mass of research has been carried out since which laid to rest a lot of fears and concluded that harm resulting from mobile phone use is unlikely. But that said there has been no long term research looking at the effects of mobile phone use over a 20 year period. With mobile phone use now a fact of life and set to grow even more with the advent of mobile computing should we reconsider the facts given that mobiles do emit radiation, albeit in very small doses?

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How to detect monitoring software on your computer

monitoring softwareNo you’re not paranoid’ your computer activities may be monitored. There’s a wealth of third party spying software now commercially available that can be stealthily downloaded onto your computer. Perhaps you have business secrets someone would like, maybe you have a jealous spouse or partner who is snooping on you? If you do have suspicions that your computer is being monitored you can soon find out by following the simple steps below.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Why do people hack Facebook accounts?

Why do people hack Facebook accounts_introPeople just can’t seem to help themselves. The urge to hack into other people’s Facebook accounts is strong. An internet search of hacking Facebook accounts brings up close to 188,000,000 hits. That’s a lot. The reasons are many, from checking out a crush to simple mischievousness but sometimes the motives can be little darker. Discover more…

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Ten photo editing apps for Android

photo editor appA photo editing app can turn your smartphone photos from ‘snaps’ into near-professional works of arts thanks to filters and other tools. In fact you can do all sorts of amazing things with a good photo editing app. Check out ten of the most popular for Android devices.

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“As safe as Fort Knox”

whichBullGuard has scooped a ‘Best Buy’ from Which? for its Internet Security 2016 software suite. If you’re a BullGuard Internet Security user it’s reassurance of the high standards of protection that safeguard you, and if not, perhaps it’s something to consider.

Which? Best Buy’saren’t given out lightly. In fact they’re reserved for “security suites that will keep your computer as safe as Fort Knox.”

This is the conclusion that consumer champion Which? reached after putting BullGuard Internet Security through its paces.

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How to get started with Windows 10

Windows 10 has been available as free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users for close to six months now and according to Microsoft will remain so for some time to come. The new operating system is much closer to Windows 7 and the now defunct XP operating systems in appearance. But there are some fairly fundamental changes. This is the first in a series of blogs which will take you through the changes and explore some new features such as cross-platform compatibility, biometrics, the new browser, security features and so on. However, in this blog we’re focusing on the first step basics and also providing some context as to why Windows 10 is free.

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Security News: €50 million disappears in hack; UK users targeted by Dridex banking Trojan

HackingBanking Trojans target UK users, lots of dosh lifted by hackers and it barely raises a whimper in the mainstream media, potential problems for Asda online stores as the Walmart-owned company ignores information on vulnerability and a lot more including four million UK Facebook users posting their full address on the social network platform and the UK government thrashing around for voluntary cyber-security experts. Mmm.

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BullGuard – Awards Finalist

BullGuard has done it again. The company has been nominated as a finalist in the annual PCR Awards, an event that recognises outstanding achievement in the UK PC and tech industry.

BullGuard has been nominated as a finalist in two categories at the PCR Awards 2016, Best Software Publisher and Best Service & Support, a testament to the company’s endeavours in providing the highest levels of protection and support for its customers.  

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