The A to Z of malware [INFOGRAPHIC]

Virus alertSo you want to know exactly what malware is. It’s an umbrella term for a wide range of online threats from ubiquitous viruses to spooky scareware and a lot more.

This infographic gives you the inside track on the scourge that is malware and even explains what botnets are; ranks of hijacked computers that among other things, send out malware. Read more

How are webcams hacked and how to protect yourself from attacks

hack.movieFancy a chat with a friend in Lithuania, catch up with the folks back home in Gdansk or check something new in Prague? Webcams are a great tool for communicating long distance, you can see who you’re talking to and gain a whole new dimension to online chats (even if it is slightly convex and everybody appears a bit round around the head). But, sorry to say if it’s on the internet, and webcams truly are, it’s hackable. And webcam hacking is the ultimate invasion of privacy… and there’s the horror.

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A guide to switch from Android device to iPhone and from iPhone to Android device

iphone android deviceFed up with your once cool iPhone? Tired of your fading Android device? Want to switch but just the thought of moving your contacts, photos, tunes, apps, games and all those other things you have on your device leaves you feeling slightly crazed and twitchy? Don’t despair. It can be done and it won’t leave you feeling that plucking your hair out, one follicle at a time, is a less painful option.

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Top 20 sites to download Free eBooks

free ebooksYou can say whatever you like about the internet but what you can’t deny is the vast repository of free ebooks it offers for avid readers. Hundreds and thousands of titles are available from deep tech to swooning romance and literary classics – and even free audio books. And here’s a list of twenty free ebook sites from the well-known and popular to the sometimes obscure and fringe.

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TOP 11 Window 8 tips and tricks

windows 8If you’re set to move to Windows 8 or 8.1 you may be shocked, appalled, delighted at the changes over previous operating systems. It might seem a bit late in the day to offer advice given that Windows 8 and 8.1 have been around for a while now but these operating systems are preloaded on a lot of new computers and if you’re in the market for a new device a little advice won’t go amiss. However, like anything new it can take a bit of time to get up to speed with all of the changes. Some of these are big improvements while some seem to be born from an innate need to tinker. But once you are used to it, there will be no looking back so here’s a few tips to speed you on your way.

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8 tips to protect your privacy online

online privacyThe loss of privacy in the Internet age is a reality. Depending on the browser and services you use, your every click, website review, and online purchase can be collected, analysed and used to create a profile that’s readily sold off to advertisers and others. Do you really want to shrug your shoulders and say your privacy doesn’t matter?

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Securing the tunnels – all about VPNs

VPNVirtual private networks are a great way of securing your communications across the internet and even on internal networks. Businesses all over the world use them as standard. If you want rigorous network protection check out the tips below. You’ll learn all about VPNs, which ones are the most suitable for your needs and how to set up a VPN as well as really useful links.

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8 most notorious hacking groups

AnonymousFrom attempts to take terror group ISIS off social media, to hacking into nuclear power plants, selling secrets to the KGB and accessing former UK prime minister Tony Blair’s private information, hackers have gained a lot of notoriety. They have made governments and global blue chips look like monkeys when it comes to IT security, and they continue to scoff at the ‘establishment.’ But are they really that bad or do some of them have a point? Below is a breakdown of some of the more infamous groups and their deeds; you can decide for yourself.

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How hackers access your computer

hackThe internet is so huge; no one will attack my computer. This is a common belief. And it’s a myth. Most hacking targets are vulnerable, unpatched computers that can be hijacked and used to launch a thousand attacks and more. Find out why it’s not personal but you’re just as much as a target as the big bank on the corner.

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