Privacy is not a’s a right.

Reclaim your

by Steve Bell

The rise of fintech

Technology has a way of creeping up on you and before you know what’s happened your local high street bank has disappeared, the physical face of public services has become a website and petrol driven vehicles have almost overnight become the bête noire of existence.

by Steve Bell

Ruthless ransomware

Recently, Ciaran Martin, the former head of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) reportedly said the rise of ransomware during the pandemic is close to getting out of control. Perhaps he was thinking of a recent revelation by another NCSC employee who explained how a large organisation paid a whopping £6.5 million to attackers in order...

by Steve Bell

Can hackers exploit your IP address?

An IP address is like a real-world address. It identifies a PC, a laptop, smartphone, or any other device on a network. If you want to download a movie, check out a web page, or do something else on the internet the request is sent out from your computer. This is received via a server which needs to know your IP address so the content can be d...

by Steve Bell

Cyber security advice for the elderly

Moving around online, zipping through new apps and interfaces, downloading content and uploading photos and videos are second nature to most people. But spare a thought for the elderly or those who have come to computing as something new. Simple things can be confusing and bewildering while understanding the logic of computers, applications, so...

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