Black Friday

Big Savings, No Waiting

by BullGuard

Beat back the cyber bullies

Ask any kid today and they’ll tell you multiplayer gaming is the thing. The bomb, the only place to be, especially during lockdowns and long weekends when they can’t get out. They hook up with friends, embark on group adventures, play against each other and engage with new people they’ve never me before. Most other gamers are fine, but some can’...

by BullGuard

Digital detox in the age of always on

It’s interesting to note that as the digital rush fades some older teens abandon their social accounts almost completely, posting only occasionally. They’ve been there, done that and realise that the digital facsimile of real life doesn’t quite cut it. And they don’t like the way it sets them up for judgements from peers or can lead to bullying...

by BullGuard

Instagram boss is ‘dead’. Long live Instagram boss.

Early last year, and you could see this one coming miles away, Instagram announced a new feature through which users could memorialise their deceased loved ones. Its parent company, Facebook has the same policy, so it was only a question of time Instagram adopted it too.