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How To Stop Nagging Your Kid

Let BullGuard do it for you! Do you want your kid to spend more time doing homework when he’s at the computer? And less time playing games, chatting with friends or strangers, downloading music, streaming movies and exploring the web for fun content to share? Of course you want your kid to be productive, but you also want him to have fun and be safe online. However, with the huge amount of content varying from entertainment to gambling and adult websites, and millions of strangers around the world connected to the internet that can “friend” him, you can’t trust what he may find out there. Cyberbullies and cyberstalkers can contact him on social networks and chatting rooms. Pop-up ads promoting gambling sites or FREE software that’s actually malware can show up on any websites. Your kid can run into inappropriate sites when he surfs the web. You cannot sit right next to him every time he goes online to see what he’s up to and protect him from all these threats. Besides, what about his privacy? He doesn’t want you hovering over him all day long. What can you do? Use the parental controls included in the new BullGuard Internet Security 2013 suite, and let us help you keep your kid in check.

Here’s just a few things you can do with BullGuard’s Parental Control:

  • Filter and block content based on age (3-7, 8-12, 13-17).
  • Block all sorts of web content: adult, media, controversial (cults, tobacco, hate, drugs, plagiarism, weapons etc.), shopping and entertainment websites, as well as chat sites, social networks, peer-to-peer sharing, instant messaging applications and specific blogs.
  • Limit their time online or on the computer.
  • Enforce restrictions to specific applications, including games.
  • Block private information that cannot be used and shared online such as: credit card numbers, e-mail addresses, names or phone numbers.
  • Add keywords you want to monitor and BullGuard will alert you when your kid uses them online.
  • Get reports on what websites and apps your kid accessed and how much time he spent on his computer.

Just follow these 5 simple steps to get started:

1. Create a new account on your PC for your kid. Select “Create Profile,” and then select the new account name.


Pac_001 Pac_004


2. Choose content filters and select an age group. Pac_005


3. Set up a schedule for your kid to allow when he can be online and when he can access the computer. Pac_008


4. Choose IM chat programs you want to block. You can also add applications you want to block. Pac_009


5. Edit the Privacy Control settings, by adding confidential data to be blocked when your kid tries to use it online.




Click FINISH and that’s it! You can find more details in the BullGuard’s Internet Security product guide.

Do you think  BullGuard’s Parental Controls have everything you need? Will this help you nag your kid less?

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Written by Emma Ban

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