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BullGuard Receives The Advanced+ Certificate From AV-Comparatives

The latest AV-Comparatives test results confirm yet again what other independent tests have shown before: BullGuard’s security suite ranks among the very best!
 In August-November 2012, AV-Comparatives performed its “Real-World Protection Test” on 21 existing security products installed on a Windows XP SP3 system. In this “whole-product dynamic” test, taking place every quarter, AV-Comparatives experts simulate real-world conditions as experienced by home users. They test the protection capabilities of each security suite, with all its default security settings, against current and relevant malicious websites/malware (URLs pointing to malware, drive-by downloads, exploits etc.). By protection, AV-Comparatives considers that the system does not get compromised, i.e. “malware is not running (or is removed/terminated) and there are no significant/malicious system changes.”

With a 98.8% protection score, BullGuard ranks better than most well-known security solutions for home users

…and gets a spot in the big league – AV-Comparatives’ “Cluster 1” – alongside Trend Micro, Bitdefender and Kaspersky. Graphic_03

Importantly enough, however, security suites that have registered great protection rates didn’t fare so well in the false positive area, wrongly blocking too many domains while browsing the web, and/or files, while downloading or installing. In fact, all security products have triggered such false alarms, but the ones that surpassed the 5-point average have been downgraded from the Advanced+ category to lower ones. And yes, you guessed! BullGuard scored among the lowest false positive rates in the test, which, along with the great protection score it obtained, brought it the much coveted Advanced+ Certification!

What you need to look for in antivirus software?

Security products for home users, AV-Comparatives protection rates, Aug-Nov 2012 The answer lies with what activities you usually perform on the PC. Do you browse the web for all sorts of things? Do you email? Do you shop and bank online? Do you chat via instant messaging or socialize on Facebook and other social networks? Are you a power gamer? Well, there you go! If you do all these things and more, then you need the complete online protection only a comprehensive security suite can provide. Basic protection offered by free security suites for example, just isn’t enough anymore with all the ever-evolving threats lurking today’s online environment. And AV-Comparatives’ test results stand as proof: sadly, the free security solutions that participated in the test did not make the “Cluster 1” cut. If you want complete protection, BullGuard Internet Security 2013 is just the right suite for you. With virtually no impact on system resources, it fends off all online threats, keeps your PC fast and clean and gives you 5 GB of FREE online backup space for your precious files. And we’ve made it simple and easy to use. Download a 60-day trial now, and see for yourself! Go with BullGuard. Because security is too important to be complicated.

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