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The Hidden Perils Of The Internet

Most of you know the online world isn't exactly the safest place to go to – with all that cyber fauna out there: viruses, computer worms, Trojan horses etc. But you probably don't know how eaxctly you can get infected. So we've made up a list of the most common ways – read it carefully and watch out:  
  • 1. iFrame injection.
An attacker can inject malicious code or advertisements into a valid website. An iframe is a web page (or server) in another web page, so any site can be infected without us realizing. A new iFrame injection rootkit was recently found, as Georg Wichersky, senior security researcher at CrowdStrike informs us.
  • 2. Email attachments.
This is a classic because of the way emails are created and sent out. You can become part of a Botnet and not even realize it. A Botnet is a group of hijacked computers that are used to send out spam, among other things. You can also find yourself with a virus or Trojan on your hands by opening links or attachments from unknown sources. Yahoo recently made a major change that disables links from email messages gathered in the Spam folder.
  • 3. Network Shared Resources.
Sharing files via various programs is extremely beneficial for the entire world. Unfortunately, this is also a good way to download all kinds of infections. Security researchers have recently launched a warning about a new PASSTEAL malware. This browser password-stealing malware is often disguised as a key generator for paid programs.
  • 4. Internet add-ons and extensions.
When you install an add-on or an extension, with those nice quick access links and favorites, you should be aware that you are making your browser vulnerable to all kinds of threats. Some add-ons will take over your search engine and cause your searches to be redirected towards sites that are not safe or downright malicious.
Do you find the above list useful? With all these threats lurking around, you'd better make sure you always keep your BullGuard updated and use all its plug-ins to the fullest. Don’t have BullGuard’s protection? Try BullGuard Internet Security 2013 now, free! 
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Written by Andreea-Luciana Ostache

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