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BullGuard’s Backup Feature Makes It Easy For You To “Share With Friends”

Bullguard backup feature blogThe holiday season is now behind us but surely, you’ve captured all those magical moments spent with your family. You can re-live them just by accessing your photos and videos with a few clicks from time to time, on the device you have them stored on. You’ve probably thought of getting them all backed-up, just to keep them safe, in case your device breaks down beyond recovery. And of course, you’ve thought of making copies for your friends as well, even though it may take a while to upload them to a sharing site, where your friends can go and see them.
But what if there was an easier solution to keep your precious photos, videos, files – you name it – secure AND enable you to share them safely with others with just a few clicks – all fast and easy? Well, there is:  the Online Backup feature in BullGuard’s Internet Security suite, offering 5 GB of online storage space on BullGuard’s Online Drive and the possibility to share whatever files from your computer with anyone.

“Share with friends” directly from where the file is located on the PC

The Backup feature in Bullguard’s latest security suite has lots to give. You can make the most of it by:
  • creating copies of photos, videos, documents, folders, emails, your entire desktop even and storing them on BullGuard’s 5 GB Online Drive, on a CD/DVD or external hard disk or USB. Needless to say, you can access the items stored on the Online Drive and restore them from/to any internet-connected computer.
  • constantly backing up the files you modify frequently and need permanent access to.
  • SHARING files from your computer WITH ANYONE, in just a COUPLE OF EASY STEPS:
1. Go where the item you want to share is located on the computer, and right-click on it. Go to “Backup with BullGuard”, then “Share with friends” if the item is on your desktop. If the item is located in a specific folder on the Online Drive, right-click on it and “Share with friends” directly.
Share_with_friends_1b_right_click_,multiple_files_blog Share_with_friends_1a_right_click_single_file_blog Share_with_friends_1c_right_click_online_drive
  2. Next, the application will open a window, from where you’ll have to choose the the way you want your friend to receive the item: via email or a link. Then, click Share. 2.1. If you choose to send your friend a link to access and get the item, the application will upload the item to BullGuard’s Online Drive and provide the link you need.
Share_with_friends_2a_send_mail_blog Share_with_friends_2b_give_link_blog
Share_with_friends_3_uploading_blog Share_with_friends_4b_done_link_blog
2.2. If you’ve opted to email your friend the link, they will receive an email similar to the one below.
Share_with_friends_5_email_blog Share_with_friends_6_web_interface_blog

So, to sum up:

  • you can choose one or several files/folders to share.
  • for local files (stored on your computer only, and not on the Online Drive), the application will upload them to the Online Drive to be able to create a shareable link; you can also share files uploaded to the Online Drive.
  • you can send links to a specific email address or manually (copy-paste to a chat window etc.).
  • you can set up an expiration date for the share to your liking (one week, month, you name it!).
  • the link your friend receives will open in a web interface.
And there you have it! Want to try out BullGuard’s awesome sharing tool? Download free BullGuard Internet Security 2013 now and test it! If you like it, spread the word about it. Remember: share with friends!

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