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How To Become A Better Netizen In 2013?

Resolutions_blogAt the start of a new year, we all make promises to improve ourselves and to live happier.
 You’ve probably jotted down your new year’s resolutions by now. Planning to lose weight, to quit smoking or to enjoy life more? These are among the most popular goals people try to stick to throughout the year. But have you thought of becoming a better version of yourself in the online world? Proper manners are as important online as they are offline. However, few people actually commit to becoming a good example in their online community. Maybe because they’re confused by the bits and bytes of information they’re suffocated with every second. In the midst of all this cyber noise, communicating clearly has become a real challenge. To be a better cybercitizen and enjoy your online experience, remember to comply with...

The 10 commandments of Internet etiquette:

1.        Do not spam  There’s nothing worse than an overflow of emails, social media posts or friend requests. Keep calm and don’t over-do it!   2.       Remember: you are not the center of cyberspace People are bombarded with information but have their own problems, so don’t expect instant replies to your questions or posts. 3.        Be brief Keep messages short, when writing an email or chatting. It saves your friend’s time and it’s easier to read. 4.        Think twice before posting Inappropriate pictures from the Christmas office party? It’s your duty to pay attention to the content you share. Misleading info can easily spread and might hurt other people’s privacy. 5.       Don’t trash others Are your comments rude, discriminatory, illiterate, or foolish? Do you show respect for comments, ideas and values from others?  Respect others and you will be respected. 6.       Silence is stealing Not giving credits to photos, videos or blog articles is like making the items your own. Remember: copyright infringement can be punished. 7.       Don’t use slang Cyber-slang and SMS abbreviations in conversations can generate misunderstandings, so try to avoid them. 8.        Be generous The Internet is a huge library we all take advantage of, so do your part, share what others might find useful and help other Internet newbies navigate the web. 9.        Take action The ultimate disrespect comes through online harassment, cyberbullying or identity theft. Don’t ignore the facts, get help and notify the authorities. To avoid having your identity stolen yourself, by falling victim to data-stealing phishing attempts, make sure you have a security solution that comes with antiphishing, like BullGuard’s comprehensive Internet Security suite 10.       No swearing allowed Offensive language is a big ‘No’. You’ll be excluded from the community Know your digital manners and the world will say thank you! Are there any rules you think we’ve missed? Do share!

Written by Alexandra Gheorghe

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