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Sir Winston Wishing You A Safe & Happy Easter

 Happy Easter Holidays! I hope you’re all looking forward to a chocolate-filled few days, and perhaps even a glimpse of the Easter Rabbit. I promised my team at BullGuard I wouldn’t go on a rant about why it’s an Easter Bunny and not an Easter BullDog, but honestly… my kind would make a far superior chocolatier. ‘Like’ this if you agree! As with all momentous occasions and trending topics, the cybercriminals are out in full force for this holiday, and so, of course I am here on behalf of BullGuard to teach you about the holiday scams making rounds this year.

Watch out for the scams that may target you this Easter:

  • Charity Scams
Cybercriminals build off of this religious holiday and the giving nature of people. Be careful who you donate to, you’d be advised to stick to major charities or ones that you already know and trust.
  • Malicious Software and Viruses
Never open emails from an unknown source, and never download attachments in such emails.
  • Fake holidays
Perhaps one of the cruelest scams out there… Always confirm reservations by phone, and never provide credit card details on the first call. Here’s more on how to plan your vacation safely online.

And now, for some general rules to avoid other Easter scams:

  • Don’t open unsolicited emails.
  • Be careful what you search for – cybercriminals can manipulate search engines into feeding you malicious websites.
  • Stick to sites that begin with a lock symbol and an ‘https.’
  • If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!
Hope all this helps, folks! It’s not rocket science – just keep your wits about you! Don’t forget to try BullGuard's Internet Security suite - free for 60 days! - to keep you safe this Easter, and to check in on the BullGuard blog regularly. There is always a constant supply of security tips and advice! Have a jolly safe and happy Easter!  Cheerio, Easter Winston.




Written by Sir Winston

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