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BullGuard Launches Virus Scan – The FREE Online Virus Scanner

Vs-blogDo you suspect your computer has been infected but you’re not quite sure? Even if you already have a security program, it doesn’t hurt to check if your PC is healthy. Especially if you can do it in less than 60 seconds. For FREE! Yes, you read it right. We’ve just launched…

BullGuard Virus Scan: the 2nd opinion you can trust

BullGuard Virus Scan is an online virus scanner that you can use to find out if there are any viruses, spyware and other malware lurking on your computer. You don’t even have to uninstall your current security solution (if you have one), like most virus scanners ask you to. It’s incredibly light on resources and extremely fast, letting you know if your computer is infected or not in just about 60 seconds, and works as an add-on for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

How does it work exactly?

It couldn’t get simpler than this:
  • just go to virus-scan.bullguard.com,
  • click on START Scan,
  • and add the BullGuard Virus Scan to your browser, as requested.
And that’s it! BullGuard Virus Scan will immediately start scanning your computer for viruses and provide you with a reliable diagnosis in a few seconds. You are also provided with a full Scan Report – an overview of all activities happening on your PC and detected malware (in case of a computer infection) – which you can view right away. Another cool thing is that by keeping BullGuard Virus Scan in your browser, you can simply click on the icon (see picture) – no other action needed! – whenever and how often you like, to start a quick scan. Note that BullGuard Virus Scan runs on Windows computers only, and does not remove viruses; it only detects computer infections. To clean out any infections that BullGuard Virus Scan may find on your computer, just use BullGuard Internet Security. Based on award-winning antivirus technology, our internet security suite will get your PC rid of any threats and fend off any new ones trying to sneak in. Find out if your computer is infected NOW! Use BullGuard Virus Scan.  

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  • danielpetterman@gmail.com

    14 May 2014, 04:18

    I have installed the " BULLGUARD FREE ONLINE VIRUS SCANNER ". It looks very good. But I think it is not running brcause it asks for " WINDOWS OS ( needed ? ). I think that I have not this. Is there another way I can use it?
    I thank you and wait/hope for an answer, please.

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