A few years ago, your relationship wasn’t completely official until you had announced it on Facebook. Connecting your accounts and showing all other would be interested parties that you are currently off the market. According to a Social Psychological and Personality Science Study from earlier this summer, couples who post more about their relationships report being happier and more secure in their relationships than those who don’t post.  In fact, some couples are taking their relationship on social media to the next level, and sharing social media accounts. In 2013, it’s not a race to get married or have children, but a race to have a joint social media account. By sharing an Instagram account it’s an opportunity to show the world how well you compliment each other, as well as all of the fabulous things you do together.
Of course relinquishing your social media independence is not for everyone. Oversharing on Facebook can actually harm some relationships, causes individuals to feel less intimate. According to one relationship therapist, 7 out of 10 of her clients discuss their partner’s social media behavior, and interestingly enough Facebook was named in a third of divorce filings in 2011. It is important to remember that what you post on any of your social media accounts, joint or not, is accessible by others. BullGuard recommends not posting about travel plans, as you’re opening yourself up to burglars, especially if you’ve already provided your home address to them in your profile, along with the dates that you’ll be out of town. Check out our blog on Facebook Privacy for tips on how to change your settings so that only your friends can access information about you on Facebook. Make sure your status updates and vacation picture postings aren’t being blasted out to anyone and everyone to see on the world wide web! Subscribe to the BullGuard Blog and check in regularly for more security tips. Would you consider a joint social media account with your boyfriend or girlfriend?