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BullGuard just launched Identity Protection

BullGuard Identity ProtectionThe launch of BullGuard Identity Protection is a landmark development in the consumer security landscape. This web-based service provides proactive monitoring for a user’s sensitive information on the ‘dark web’ and essentially stops identity theft or credit card fraud from taking place.
  Most companies that offer a similar service focus on repairing identities after the damage has been done.  BullGuard Identity Protection also delivers social media protection by providing unobtrusive parental controls that permit parents to keep a discreet eye on their kid’s Facebook activities.It’s a pure web-based product, doesn’t require any application installation and only requires a browser and Internet connection. This means it can be used with just about any device whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop PC.

Identity theft protection

Online identity protection is usually a service offered by large US companies and bundled as part of package that includes credit monitoring, credit scoring and identity restoration when identity details are stolen. Customers are typically large US outfits such as military and federal organisations as well as consumers. BullGuard Identity Protection however differs considerably: it’s aimed squarely at consumers concerned about cybercrime.It alerts users immediately if their personal information is compromised. A user simply adds the information they want to protect into their online BullGuard account. This can be anything they deem valuable whether its credit/debit card details, banking information, passport numbers or driving licence details. BullGuard Identity Protection trawls the web, particularly dark web sites and if this information shows up a user is immediately informed by email and SMS, enabling them to take protective action. Personal information is often sought out by hackers because it not only enables identity theft but credit card details, for example, can be used to create cloned credit cards. Hackers steal this information from any number of sources, such as a company a user has bought something from. The dark web is that part of the internet that isn’t accessed by normal browsers and where hackers set up untraceable web sites to trade this information. If this happens to your information BullGuard Identity Protection will identify it as soon as it appears in these criminal forums. Most security companies focus on repairing the damage after identity details are stolen or freezing accounts when they detect compromised information. BullGuard Identity Protection stops it from happening in the first place and allows you to carry on your life without inconvenience. You can get a free trial of BullGuard Identity Protection here

Facebook protection

BullGuard Identity Protection also offers Facebook protection for parents concerned about what their children are being exposed to such as cyber bullying, social predators or inappropriate content. Developed by BullGuard this service analyses high traffic friends, spammers or ‘out-of-scope’ friends, that is, people who are new to your child. It also analyses posts and messages, photos and links for inappropriate content or behaviour. The service is non-intrusive and provides a dashboard that alerts parents to activities. There’s also a second dashboard for children which alerts them to potentially malicious links. Both identity protection and social media protection are unique innovative functions that BullGuard has brought to market.  BullGuard Identity Protection is ideal for several types of users: people with a different security software suite installed, people whose operating system does not support BullGuard apps, people who want to protect their online identity without buying a fully fledged security product and parents who want to keep their children safe from online harm. The product is available for a 15-day free trial available from the BullGuard website. So if you want to establish how good it is at identity theft protection and Facebook protection simply download the trial version. You can get a free trial of BullGuard Identity Protection here
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