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How to back up your Gmail account

With 900 million users Gmail is the most popular email service in the world. But backing up your account used to be a complex chore. Not any longer. Some time ago Google launched an archiving or back up service. If you missed this and want to back up your mails, contacts, calendar and other thing, here is how to do it. It’s blindingly simple.

Google’s Gmail is probably one of the most popular email services in the world. Yet ten years ago when it was launched, it was barely heard of by most people. At the time it also had some curious quirks, for instance, if you wanted to sign up to Gmail you had to receive an invite from an existing user.


This was no doubt a clever marketing ploy because within a short time Gmail was giving the big players Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo a serious run for their money. And today it’s well ahead, making these services look archaic. According to digital stat firm DMR, today there are 900 million Gmail users and the Gmail app has been downloaded from the Google Play Store one billion times.

Yet it was only less than two years ago that Google actually let Gmail users export data and back up their emails and calendar, without having to use third-party software or embarking on some complex, esoteric route.

This move by Google may have escaped your attention, for it wasn’t exactly announced with a loud fanfare, but it’s certainly a very useful function.

Backing up your data is extremely important, whether its emails, files, photos, music and so on. Computers are generally quite stable but it’s not unknown for hard drives to fail, even motherboards, or even to be stable. Without back-ups you could be in serious trouble. For instance imagine if you lost all your contacts or something important you’ve been working on?

Gmail is quite a robust platform; it’s solid, well-built and stable. But servers do crash and outages do happen.

It’s now very simple to back up your Gmail emails and calendars. Google has a page called ‘download your data’ which allows you to create an archive for all the things you want to back up.

Go to the page, sign into your account and click on ‘manage archives’. This will take you to the page where you can create an archive. You’ll then be presented with a list of areas, with bright logos, and all you do is simply click on the things you want to archive or back up.

You’ve got a wide choice from email, contacts and calendars, to bookmarks, profile, maps and a whole lot more.

It couldn’t be any easier.

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Written by Steve Bell

Steve has a background in IT and business journalism and has written extensively for both the UK national and trade press including The Guardian, Independent-on-Sunday, The Times, The Register, MicroScope and Computer Weekly. He's also worked for most of the world's largest IT companies producing content producing. He has a particular focus on IT security and has produced several magazines in this area.

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  • John H

    5 Oct 2015, 17:06

    Can I ask a reasonable question - following up on your post about Gmail backups being easy to do - surely Google have a reliable data centre approach that ensures they are protected from Data Centre Crashes and the like - can we not depend on them to protect our email data?
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    26 Sep 2015, 17:37

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