Television is undergoing something of a revolution with the advent of streaming services whether it’s Netflix, the BBC, Amazon or others.

Unfortunately you won’t find many foreign classics such as La Haine, The World of Apu or Seven Samurai on these services though Netflix does throw up a smattering of foreign films.

But that said streaming services are redefining how we view the TV. Gone are the days of being nailed down to a schedule, now you can just click and flick anytime you want to, whether it’s three in the morning or when you wake up yawning.

Naturally, smart TV sales are spiking as a result. For sure you can access these streaming services from a desktop PC, laptop or even smartphone but there’s nothing like a wrap-around sound, chrome plated, diamond studded (if you must) full-on TV screen.

Smart TVs… what are they good for?

Quite a lot actually. Apart from the mainstream streaming services mentioned above there are a lot of specialist services such as dedicated sporting networks and premium services, while BBC iPlayer is handy for catching up on programmes you missed.

You can also surf the web. YouTube is an education on big screens; you can catch up on those missed Peppa Pig episodes (kids love it), unearth some fascinating content and stumble across rabid and fevered conspiracy musings. There’s a lot more too that can keep you engaged for days on end.

Staying safe

A smart TV typically comes loaded with apps such as Netflix and iPlayer and they’re simple to set up, just connect to your home network and you’re off.

But keep in mind every internet connected device in the home is an access point to your network and your home security is only as strong as the weakest link. Unfortunately many Smart TVs are not at the leading edge of security.

Locking down the router

The router is the gateway to your home network and most people never change the default password that comes with this little plastic box. 

But you or I or any hacker can easily find out the default password for many routers by simply doing an internet search for the brand name. This makes them very easy to hack.

As such it’s important to change the default password on your router. It’s easy to do, even for the non-technical. This Which? guide offers the simplest instructions.

Dojo does it better

With the shops filling up with an array of smart devices ahead of the Christmas splurge, as well as smart TVs, you might want to consider bagging yourself a Dojo by BullGuard.

Dojo is an easy-to-use, design award winning device that protects your home network and all the devices on it, including smart TVs, lights and others.

In terms of smart device and smart home protection its well ahead of the field using a raft of advanced technologies to keep you and your family safe.

Importantly, it doesn’t blind you with tech science; you control it via a smartphone app.
Check out this short amusing video, to get a sense of what it does and why it is important.