Sometimes the simplest things elude us and when it comes to computing it’s because often they are not spelt out. Take Microsoft Office for example, there are lots of things that make computing easy, but you have to discover them first. And the same goes for Gmail too.

Here are some simple tips that will your computing go a lot smoother.


With an estimated two billion Gmail users there will be readers of this blog who find this following tip very handy indeed.

Many of us are buried under thousands of emails, with a fair percentage coming from commercial organisations after we bought something – once.

If you want to clear your inbox of these mails follow the instructions below:
  • In the search bar, type the following, then press enter. in:inbox is:unread -category:promotions

This will make it easy to delete email from brands that are trying to sell you something.

Another tip is to create a filter for the word "unsubscribe" in your email.

This will make it easy to unsubscribe to emails that never stop coming.

Here’s how to create a filter in Gmail:
  • In the search box at the top, click the Down arrow – you’ll find it just left of the blue box that contains the magnifying glass icon
  • A form will appear and all you need to do is enter your search criteria
  • At the bottom of the search window in the right hand corner you’ll see in faded grey font: Create filter with this search
  • Choose what you’d like the filter to do
  • Click Create filter

Microsoft Word

Here are some keyboard shortcuts for Windows word processing. Once you get used to them you’ll never fiddle with the task bar again.
  • Copy - CTRL C
  • Cut - CTRL X
  • Paste - CTRL V
  • Undo - CTRL Z
  • Redo - CTRL Y
  • Bold - CTRL B
  • Underline - CTRL U
  • Italicise - CTRL I

Microsoft Excel

And here are some similarly useful keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Excel
  • Edit cells - F2:
  • Select whole lines - Shift Space
  • Select whole columns - Ctrl Space
  • Insert cell - Ctrl Plus
  • Delete cell - Ctrl Minus
  • Edit the cell format - Ctrl 1