It’s official. BullGuard’s patent pending Game Booster is the best.

Game Booster is for hard core gamers who also need protection from malware on their computers.

Malware infections not only slow computers down, they can also crash them.

For hard core gamers who play every day this is a disaster. 

BullGuard is the only internet security provider that focuses exclusively on the home user and all our security products include Game Booster.

We protect gamers and make sure their gaming is never slowed down or interrupted.

Game Booster works on computers with four core processors. It automatically detects users’ gaming sessions and pulls other applications that are open onto one or two of the processing cores.

This ensures the other cores are dedicated to the game, removing random game spikes which slow down the game.

Game Booster delivers complete security and uninterrupted gaming at a faster pace.

The test

Chillblast, a renowned UK specialist computer manufacturer, wanted to determine what impact antivirus software has on gaming.

It put six high profile security suites to the test, including Norton, McAfee, AVG and Windows 10 home grown antivirus.

Chillblast didn’t want to determine the efficacy of each security suite; its sole purpose was to see which products enabled fast gaming.

This is important. Many gamers will turn off their antivirus protection when gaming because it slows the game down.

A survey carried out by Chillblast revealed that 16% of gamers switch off their security when gaming.

A computer with no security is a computer vulnerable to malware, even if it’s for a few hours only.

Automated probes are the bread and butter of hackers; they scan the internet 24/7 for vulnerable computers and quickly detect when a computer is unprotected.

The details

  • Chillblast used the popular Fire Strike test, powered by the 3D performance benchmark, to ensure consistent and reliable scores. 
  • It followed this benchmarking with a second test using F1 2017. This racing game from Codemasters features an optimised 3D engine and detailed graphical settings. 
  • The tests were run on a fairly standard gaming computer; powered by an Intel Core i7 Quad Core processor, 16GB RAM, 1TB solid state drive and running Windows 10. 
  • Three benchmark runs were made with both the Fire Strike test and the Codemasters game.

The results

In the 3Dmark Fire Strike the fastest configuration of all was seen when running with BullGuard Internet Security. It ranked a score of 6650.
 In the F1 2017 test the BullGuard installation once again showed the fastest FPS rate of 52.4 thanks to the Game Booster functionality 
Strikingly, FPS rates were also faster than computers with no antivirus installed. Many gamers turn off AV because it slows games down. There’s no need to do this with Game Booster.

It’s not surprising that BullGuard’s patent pending Game Booster came out on top, ahead of other big name brands. Game Booster has a number of features such as power state and memory optimisation to deliver the performance gamers require, while still running resource intensive games. 

As Chillblast said in its summing up: “Those wanting the best possible performance from their PC would be demonstrably best served by choosing BullGuard, based on the results of our testing.”

So there you have it. If you want both award-winning security and lightning fast gaming, there’s really only one choice, BullGuard.