BullGuard has been announced as a finalist in the Middle-East’s premier security awards illustrating the high regard in which its protection is held in both the region and across the world.

It is competing in The Tahawultech.com Future Security Awards 2018, in the Best Anti-Malware Vendor, Best Anti-Spam Vendor and Best Mobile Security Vendor categories.

BullGuard has won a number of prestigious awards in the past year including the coveted UK PCR awards for vendor, software and service support. It also regularly gains top scores in detection tests carried out by independent testing labs.

Characterised by innovation

One of the reasons it consistently receives prestigious accolades and why it is a finalist in the Tahawultech.com Future Security Awards, is due to the constant innovation that characterises BullGuard protection.

For instance BullGuard Internet Security 2019 features a number of ground-breaking enhancements such as the optimisation of code requirements so it requires less system resources which in turn boosts application performance.

Along with many other enhancements, its vulnerability scanner has been improved so users can immediately see security issues, such as missing updates, and easily and quickly address them from the BullGuard interface.

Outstanding protection

In another example of innovation, award-winning gaming rig builder ChillBlast tested the gaming performance of computers running BullGuard Internet Security and other security software suites.

Not only did BullGuard Internet Security come out on top, its Game Booster acceleration even made it faster than a system with no antivirus installed.

The Tahawultech.com Future Security Awards 2018 predominantly focus on malware and phishing protection. While BullGuard provides award winning protection in these areas additional features are also high on its agenda because they improve overall protection by cutting out vulnerabilities, which if left unaddressed, can lead to infection.

Gamers are go

For instance, gamers often turn off antivirus protection for an improved gaming experience but this leaves them vulnerable to malware. With BullGuard protection they no longer need to do this because as well as superior, award-winning protection they also get lightning-fast gaming.

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