Cyber security benefits are hard to see for many people. Rather there’s a tendency to see it as a burden. This is one of the reasons why BullGuard security is such a good deal; you download it and let it run. It updates automatically, you don’t need to do a thing.

Thankfully, these types of auto-updates are becoming common taking the onus off users so they can just get on with their online lives.

For instance, Google recently announced that it had patched a potentially very damaging vulnerability in Chrome, by far the most popular browser in the world with near two billion users.

The search giant also confirmed that hackers had been actively exploiting the bug, in parallel with one found in Windows.

Within minutes a wave of websites urged people to update Chrome immediately.  However, Google’s use of auto-updating for its software meant most people were safe. This is the value of auto-updates.

Always go auto-updating

Software updates can be a bit of a pain in the neck.

Fresh versions of iOS seem to come around like bad weather. And every now and then they can crash a phone, albeit temporarily in most cases.

MacOS update prompts are seemingly never ending and automatic Windows 10 updates ask you to restart your PC just at the moment the very last thing you need to do is restart your PC.

But remember:
  • Keeping your software up to date is the easiest way to protect yourself from hackers. 
  • Letting it happen automatically is the best way to guarantee that the update actually happens.

Auto-updates give you peace of mind even though they might result in a few short-lived performance hiccups.
  • Windows 10 auto-updates by default. 
  • Apple offered auto-updates for the first time in iOS 12, but you have to opt in. If you haven’t and want to go to Settings > General > Software Update > Automatic Updates and turn them on. 
  • For Android it depends on what device you’ve got.  Generally speaking you have to wait until you receive a notification that an update is ready. You can then install it.

Auto-updates are the best. They save you a lot of trouble so you can serenely glide through your online life without having to fiddle with manual updates.