BullGuard VPN has been selected as a finalist in the 2019 Cyber Security Awards, Innovative Product of the Year category. The nomination is a testament to the value of BullGuard VPN in protecting consumers, safeguarding their privacy and providing complete internet privacy. In a fiercely competitive market it’s also a demonstration of the strength of the product and the high regard with which it is held.

This is further illustrated by a comment from Karla Reffold, one of the judges. She said:  “The competition this year is incredibly tough and diverse. This was the toughest year so far to have made the shortlist. There are so many fantastic individuals, innovative products and companies that are doing great things within cyber security.”

The 2019 Cyber Security Awards have become renowned, since their inception in 2014, for identifying and acknowledging excellence and innovation in the field of cyber security.  Organisations from all over the world can submit applications including public and private outfits, for-profit and non-profit and large, small or start-up companies as long as they have a presence within the UK.

The awards are also independent, there is no affiliation to any magazines, organisations, or products so the judges are not swayed in any way and decisions are made on merit alone. The judges come from various backgrounds and all are well regarded individuals within the cyber security industry.

The recently released BullGuard VPN is specifically developed for consumers and as such is effortlessly easy to use. It addresses pressing consumer needs, for instance, providing bullet proof protection when people use free public Wi-Fi. Many of these free ‘hotspots’ are notoriously insecure, leaving users vulnerable to hackers, damaging privacy breaches and ultimately fraud and identity theft.

It also ensures users have total privacy when online by hiding the IP address of the computer they are using. As a result users’ online movements can’t be traced back to them which protects against ad trackers and snoopers. A user can safely access the internet and online services from home, work or abroad in complete anonymity.

The award winners will be announced at the 2019 Cyber Security Awards finalists’ event on the 4th of July.


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