A recent survey of American citizens over the age of 55 revealed some eye-opening beliefs. BullGuard surveyed 2,000 people to find out how they protect data and ensure online privacy. A startlingly high 67% said they believe that antivirus software alone is enough for online protection.

While antivirus software does protect against malware it’s not enough to deliver privacy, a virtual private network (VPN) is required for that. That said only 7% said they’ve used a VPN.  

A VPN is the only option to ensure total privacy on the internet and protection against data theft, privacy breaches, malware, and cyber-attacks when connected to public Wi-Fi.

However, it appears that a significant number are unaware of the dangers posed by public Wi-Fi networks. Cybercriminals, for instance, can easily distribute malicious software to everyone connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, as well as intercept data.

For instance, 30% of those surveyed said they access public Wi-Fi at least once every few months, either unaware or unconcerned with the potential dangers of exposing personal and financial details.

A VPN delivers top benefits
  • Using a personal VPN is a great way to stream your favourite content while traveling; you can access all of your top shows, movies, online services and more irrespective of your location and at any time. If for instance, you’re travelling abroad to see the grandkids, it’s no problem you can still access your favourite streaming services.
  • While it probably cross many travellers’ minds, it’s actually really simple for hackers to set up a fake malicious network and pretend to be “Free Airport Wi-Fi network” or “Coffee Shop Wi-Fi” in order to fool people into parting with their sensitive personal data such as payment card details. This is particularly common in tourist destinations. But with a VPN you can simply brush these concerns away because super tough military-grade encryption hides your data that nothing else can.
  • A VPN also protects you from hackers flooding an unprotected Wi-Fi network. Their intention is to infect multiple users’ devices with malware such as banking Trojans which steal financial information. However, a VPN creates a tunnel between your device and the websites/online services you are visiting, keeping you safe from these types of attacks.

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