Great news for managed service providers (MSPs) and IT resellers looking to drive their business forward, grow their revenues, and boost profits. BullGuard Small Office Security now features MSP dedicated centralised remote management functionality for small business endpoint devices.

Small Office Security is a compelling proposition for small businesses and even more so during these days of mass home working. They need protection for employees who may fall victim to phishing emails, they need safeguards against malware, they need to know the devices employees use aren't going to be compromised and they need to be certain that ransomware won't get anywhere near them. In short, they need robust endpoint protection to protect their business. 

MSPs and IT resellers can now provide these sureties. Centralised, remote device management enables the installation of Small Office Security on client devices via an email link and remote management of tasks such as threat scanning, applying updates, locking a device if it is lost or stolen, and more.

At the heart of this dedicated small business platform is multi-award-winning cybersecurity.  In simple terms, Small Office Security delivers a layered approach to cybersecurity ranging from traditional signature and behavioural-based malware detection through to cloud-based detection, scanning, and real-time updates. Dynamic machine learning also continues to learn and protect devices when they’re offline. Small Office Security is also light on system resources.

Carving out new opportunities

BullGuard Small Office Security provides a great opportunity for MSPs and IT resellers to strengthen existing customer relationships and also carve out new business.

To date, the small business endpoint detection market has largely been neglected. Most small business endpoint software is a scaled-down version of an enterprise product. In practise, this makes the software unnecessarily unwieldy and complex and difficult to manage for small businesses.   

Similarly, consumer-grade protection on each end device is costly and impractical given that each device needs to be managed individually which becomes near impossible for remote workers. 

BullGuard Small Office Security’s remote centralised management addresses these issues and allows MSPs and IT resellers to provide small businesses with the comprehensive protection they need and at a price they can afford.
  • BullGuard partners can present a range of flexible billing options to suit individual business needs. Subscriptions are available for one, two, or three-year durations, or monthly subscriptions can be set and administered to allow flexibility if a customer's security needs change.
  • Free BullGuard Small Office Security trials are available to help seed new markets, attract new customers, and build sales.
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