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by Steve Bell

The smart home of the (already here) future

We hear so much about smart devices and what they can do and certainly the shops are bulging with smart things of all shades ahead of the Christmas splurge. But at the moment people are buying them individually, adding a smart speaker here, installing smart lights there and planning to put in smart locks a bit further down the line. But can we...

by Steve Bell

IoT needs security like a car needs wheels

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly growing industry. A peek in the shops reveals just how popular home IoT devices are becoming, whether smart lightbulbs and thermostats, baby cams and burglar alarm systems, speakers and sockets, home hubs and gulp… door locks.

by Steve Bell

Five cyber security predictions for 2018

As 2018 rolls around there are going to be lots of changes in the cyber security landscape. There will be steady rise in things like API hijacking and hacking coprocessors but these attacks will be relatively small scale and of little interest beyond the security community. However, of much greater concern are the five following points below, be...