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by BullGuard

BullGuard Wins Big IoT Excellence Award for Dojo

We’re extremely proud to announce that BullGuard has been crowned with an IOT Evolution Excellence Award for its latest product innovation, Dojo by BullGuard. BullGuard acquired smart home security pioneer, Dojo Labs in August 2016.

by Steve Bell

Smart IOT devices that can save you time and money

Smart devices are here, smart devices are there, smart devices are everywhere. But as well as the incredibly smart things that they can do, like security systems that not only detect intrusions but also protect against carbon monoxide, fire, and flooding, and call for help during personal or medical emergencies, did you know they can also save y...

by Steve Bell

Today’s smart home devices that you can use

It may be tempting to think that smart homes are tomorrow’s new technology. But the fact is they are already here. There are so many smart devices already available it’s hard to keep track and they are only going to become more commonplace. We take a look at the main areas where smart technology is already making inroads into the home.

by Steve Bell

DNS DDoS attacks raise concerns over IoT devices

As the popularity of smart connected devices gathers pace, cyber-attacks that took place late last year reveal how this new technology wave will be bedevilled by all manner of security issues. That is, until security is taken seriously.