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by BullGuard

It’s nuts… and crisps, and assorted snacks

The IT systems of KP Snacks have been hit by ransomware leading to a shortage of some of the nation’s most popular snacks including Hula Hoops, McCoy’s and Tyrrells crisps, Butterkist, Skips, Nik Naks and of course KP Nuts

by BullGuard

Are you being spied on?

A survey last year of 10,000 adults across ten countries found that almost 1 in 10 who had been in a romantic relationship admitted to using a stalkerware app to monitor a current or former partner’s device activity. Creepy.

by BullGuard

Discover how much data big tech collects on you

Here’s the thing. Online privacy is becoming an increasing concern for many people. It certainly is for governments across Europe too, with many handing out fines to big tech companies who step over the privacy line.