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by Steve Bell

How BullGuard protects you

BullGuard is in the business of keeping you safe online. But you might wonder how we actually do that. Well, BullGuard has a lot of security strings to its bow and given that most of us bank and shop online we’ve set out the security components that keep you safe during these activities. Read on.

by Steve Bell

Dark web trade in hacking email addresses

You don’t have to dig too far into the dark web before you find something that is both appalling and fascinating in equal measure. And this is precisely what some researchers have unearthed; a thriving market offering access to business email addresses to crooks who then attempt to carry out fraud.For as little as $150, dark web sellers are o...

by Steve Bell

California bans weak IoT passwords

In a landmark move, California is the first US state to regulate IoT security after Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law. In fact, it’s the first state, local or national government, to make such a move.

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